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In 2018, more people travelled in Germany than ever before. Around 70.1 million holiday trips were made at this time. It seems as if the Germans are switching off their world-famous stinginess when it comes to holidays and travel.

Because for their holiday activities in 2018, Germans spent a total of around 71.2 billion euros. And as the statistics show, the love for faraway places is not diminishing, but steadily increasing.

Because in the following year 2019, more than 70.8 million Germans set off on their dream holiday again. Interest in long-distance travel in particular seems to be increasing, with over 17% choosing a holiday destination that is particularly far from home, such as Far East Asia or the USA. The most popular European destinations are of course still the Mediterranean classics Spain and Italy, closely followed by Germany’s direct neighbour Austria.

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The variety of travel is increasing

Whether city trip, beach relaxation, hiking holiday or Kulturausflug. Holidays are becoming more and more creative and diverse, and the travel destinations also speak a clear language; they range from domestic holidays in the Bavarian Forest or Europe-Ausflug to the Côte d’Azur to Langstreckenflug to China or America.

But that’s not all, the flexibility on site is also immense. This can be seen for example in the choice of accommodation. Hotel, hostel, motel, holiday apartment, holiday home or bungalow?

This versatility not only enables incomparable holiday experiences, but also creates confusion here and there about the differences and advantages of the individual types of accommodation. This continues at the point of arrival. Plane, bus or self-drive? At first glance, this all sounds very complicated.

Keeping track of things here to book a wonderful – and at the same time inexpensive – holiday can be a real challenge nowadays. Quite a few people therefore tend to simply book the first best search result. The experience is accordingly bad, as in most cases it is neither the best nor the cheapest offer.

That is why there are travel portals that offer help at exactly this point verschaffen. This will make your holiday as comfortable as possible from booking to arrival and return. Everything at a glance, a wide range of offers and an unbeatable price/performance ratio. A good holiday portal should be able to fulfil these characteristics.

Skyscanner is such a portal that, thanks to its high quality, empfiehlt. At Skyscanner finden you can book cheap flights, your hotel directly and have even more options to plan and book your holiday easily. This article is dedicated to the whole range of functions of Skyscanner and explains how you can book your long-awaited dream holiday at a top price step by step!

Everything about the airlines

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What is Skyscanner?

As already briefly described, Skyscanner is an online portal that – as the name already suggests – is mainly known for finding cheap flights. This was also the goal of the company, which is the origin of the British company. In frustration at not being able to find cheap flights to finden, the company Skyscanner, which is behind the award-winning holiday website, was founded in Scotland in 2001 by three friends, Barry Smith, Bonamy Grimes and Gareth Williams. The latter still holds the position of Chairman of the Board.

Thus, Skyscanner first specialized in comparing flights in order to find the cheapest price for as many destinations as possible at finden. As the online application became more and more popular, it was already available in 30 different languages in 2009. Two years later, veröffentlichte Skyscanner launched a complementary mobile app, which from then on also allowed flexibel to book flights on the move via mobile phone.

As its popularity has not waned, the company has continued to introduce new features, extras and add-ons over the years to enhance the user experience. In 2013 and 2014, the integration of car rental and hotels was another two key additions to the offering. From then on, it was possible to book not just a flight, but complete trips directly via the site.

Many successful years followed, culminating in 2019 in the award of the „Best service for comparing flights“ prize. Today Skyscanner is one of the most popular comparison portals in the holiday and flight industry with 30 million monthly users. In addition to its ever-growing popularity, the site has also developed in terms of content.

Today, the flight comparisons that are still included are joined by offers on hotels, accommodation, airport transfers and car rental. With this portfolio, Skyscanner definitiv proves to be one of the pioneering companies in the comparison industry.

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What do I need Skyscanners for?

The question about the sense of a comparison portal like Skyscanner, is as justified as it is easy to answer. After all, everybody wants to book a holiday that is not only beautiful and relaxing but also fits to the own wallet. Thus, thanks to a comparison portal as Skyscanner, it is not only reserved to wealthy people to spend a dream holiday.

Skyscanner compares the prices of over 1200 travel companies to find the best fares and offers at finden. A task that would take you months to complete can be done in seconds with Skyscanner. And it’s completely free and with no hidden fees.

The number of users of this individual portal – 30 million per month – also clearly speaks in favour of using the holiday search engine. In addition, it makes the booking process much easier, as you no longer have to rush through the city from travel agency to travel agency until you finally get the offer you want.

Instead, you can inform yourself about your dream destination, compare prices and then plan and book your trip from the comfort of your own home. Should something unexpectedly go wrong, a support team is available around the clock, working 7 days a week and speaking over 29 languages.

How does Skyscanner work?

The question of needs has now been clarified. But how does Skyscanner even work? The online provider Skyscanner is a so-called „meta search engine“. You probably know the search engine Google and are therefore familiar with the principle of a search engine in general.

A search engine is nothing more than a program that is used to search for data and information. However, a meta search engine like Skyscanner sends your search query to many other search engines, in the case of the holiday industry these are other comparison portals such as or Trivago, in order to collect and compare as many offers as possible. The results are then generated, structured and prepared for you by Skyscanner.

So this is the technology behind the page. But what does the booking process look like and where do I get all the information and offers? I would like to give you the answers to these questions in the following section.

First of all it is important to clarify where you can use the services of Skyscanner. You finden on the one hand all the contents and offers on the website. On the other hand, since 2011 there is a mobile app for iOS and Android. The app is especially helpful if you need to book something on short notice while on the road.

It gives you the greatest possible flexibility. In this article we will explain the service of Skyscanner, all contents and functionalities based on the website, because the majority of all online bookers still prefer to book via browser rather than via an app.
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The step-by-step guide

You already have extensive knowledge about Skyscanner, the possibilities of the booking tool and many additions to the website. Nevertheless, booking a trip can sometimes be a pain. After all, there are so many things to consider, so many possibilities and options.

Especially for those who are either not yet very internet-affin or have never booked a holiday, flight, hotel or rental car online, a detailed step-by-step guide is therefore extremely useful. You can easily use the following instructions to book your own trip step by step on Skyscanner.

Of course, you choose your own destination and determine the travel conditions according to your planning. If you have any difficulties during the process, just take a step back or read it again.

Our scenario

We make the following assumptions for our step-by-step guide: A family with two children wants to take a 10-day family holiday in Spain. The greatest possible flexibility on site and proximity to the beach is desired. The accommodation should have a family-friendly atmosphere and enough space.

In addition, a return and Rückflug from Munich to Barcelona is required, preferably Direktflug. The departure should be as early as possible stattfinden and the departure as late as possible, so that the relevant net holiday time is not reduced too much by the outward and Zurückfliegen.

In terms of price, the cheapest rates for the month of August should be found. Since the family with two small children does not want to be dependent on öffentliche means of transport, both an airport transfer booked in advance and a rental car make sense.

First step

First öffnen we Skyscanner via the link Alternatively, you can also navigate via the booking tool of

Second step

Now befinden we are on the home page of Skyscanner. Here we see directly the big control panel, where we can enter our first data to get offers. Since we want to take care of a flight first, and are looking for an outbound and Rückflug, we stay in the tab „Outbound and Rückflug“.

We now enter the city of Munich at Abflughafen. Skyscanner then automatically suggests the Hauptflughafen of the city, in this case Munich Airport with the abbreviation MUC. The Zielflughafen is Barcelona, here the Hauptflughafen BCN is displayed and defined. Next, we define the time period.

Since we want the cheapest fares in the month of August finden, we choose the option „Whole month“ for both outward and return journey and then the month of August. Then we determine the number of travellers. In the field „Cabin class & travellers“ we choose two travelling adults and two children aged 5 and 6 years.

Finally we confirm the checkbox „Only Direktflüge“, because we want to avoid stopovers. Now we have entered all the essential data that Skyscanner needs in order to be able to make us first offers. We could already provide some important data in order to narrow down the search a little and thus get faster to the destination. With a click on the „Search“ button we complete the first step.

Third step

We have now been redirected from Skyscanner to the calendar view area. Here we see the month of August and the price levels of the flights on the different days. On the red marked days the flights are more expensive, orange marked days have moderate airfares and on the green marked days findet one has the cheapest flights.

We choose August 17th for Hinflug and August 26th for Rückflug, because on these two days the flights are in the cheaper price range. With this the 3rd step is finished.

Fourth step

The fourth step starts with all the offers that Skyscanner has found for us after checking all providers and airlines. In the first overview of offers, we are shown three highlights directly. The „best offer“, the „cheapest flight“ and the flight with the „shortest travel time“.

But before we take a closer look at the offers, we first check our set filters. As specified at the beginning, Skyscanner only searched for Direktflügen. We set the next filter at the point „travel times“. We want an early Abfluguhrzeit at Hinflug and a late Rückfluguhrzeit.

After we have specified a time period of 05:00 – 10:00 for Hinflug and 18:30 – 23:59 for Rückflug, Skyscanner updates the offers so that they still match our search query. In this case the cheapest offer is a flight connection of the airline Lufthansa.

The Hinflug takes off at 09:00 am and lands directly in Barcelona. The travel time is about 2 hours. The Rückflug leaves at 18:30 o’clock and also takes about 2 hours.

It is also an Direktflug. So the result fits perfectly to our ideas. Thus, we now click on „Check offer“ in order to get to the concrete results and providers. This concludes step 4.

Fifth step

Now befinden we look at the individual results of the various providers that Skyscanner has selected for our search query. The flights listed here are sorted by ascending prices. This means that the first flight is also the cheapest.

Next, we click again on „To the offer“, but make sure that the offer is in a new tab to finden. Because from this page we can book a hotel, a rental car and an airport transfer directly after booking the flight. These options are listed in the right column of the page.

After clicking on the offer, we are redirected away from Skyscanner to a partner site. Here we can choose different packages – depending on the tour operator. These can include various insurances such as cancellation insurance, free cancellation and extras such as VIP service for an additional charge.

In this case we decide for the package „Flexible“ in order to enjoy some useful advantages. We then enter all our payment details and personal information and complete the flight booking. We will then receive a confirmation by e-mail.

The flight booking is now complete. The price is now 128,62 € per person. In total, this means 514,48 € for four persons and the outward and Rückflug. This was the first very important part and brings us quite a bit forward in our travel planning.

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How do I use Skyscanner?

This is the heart of Skyscanner. The booking tool compares loads of flights, hotels and car rentals for you. First, let’s take a look at booking flights. Flights are the central theme and origin of Skyscanner. A good flight to finden, is extremely important.

After all, it’s the starting point of a journey, and it should get you to your destination safe and sound.

A number of quality criteria must be met to provide you with an enjoyable and comfortable flight experience. With Skyscanner, you have all of these factors firmly in mind. To get your first flight quotes, definieren simply enter your Abflugort, your holiday destination, the number of travellers, the Abflugdatum and the length of your trip.

In addition, you have the option to check a simple box to display only Direktflüge and allow nearby airports. You can also choose to search for a simple flight, or be interested in going there and back Rückflug or Gabelflug.

According to your selection, the control panel may then change and you can continue to plan your trip.

When you click the „Search“ button, Skyscanner will compare millions of airlines and offers to find the best price to match your individual request to finden.

The flights found will then be clearly listed for you. In addition, the most important highlights for your search are listed directly in the top bar of the offers. For example, the „cheapest flight“, which is of course the cheapest of all fares.

In addition, the flight with the „shortest travel duration“ and the „best offer“, which offers you the best price/performance ratio, are displayed.

This serves you as a first good orientation to your search query. The offer page, on which you are now befinden, uses Skyscanner to prepare and clearly present all offers matching your search query.

You can browse and scroll through the offers there in a relaxed manner. Besides many possibilities wait here for you, the suggestions to filtern and to sort, in order to be able to send your Wunschflug effortlessly to finden.

For example, you can specify the number of stopovers. If you would like to have a short stay in another country or want to get fresh air and stretch your legs as often as possible during an Langstreckenfluges, this option can be very helpful for you.

If you want to get to your destination quickly and directly, then select the „Direktflug“ field. The filter option „stopovers“ helps you to find a comfortable flight to finden that matches your preferences in terms of flight duration and flight behaviour.

Furthermore, you can set the exact Abfluguhrzeit and determine a desired duration of the flight. This helps you to perfectly time your journey to Abflughafen and the transfer at your destination. Whatever you enter here, you will then need to coordinate with any airport transfer bookings to ensure that your journey goes smoothly. You should also be attentive when booking a hotel and pay attention to the check-in and check-out times to ensure a smooth process at this point.

You can also specify a preferred airline. If you have already gained a lot of flight experience and therefore have preferences, then select the airline of your choice here. Alternatively, you can also prefer renowned airlines whose high quality you have heard of, or you can select all available airlines to get as many offers as possible first.

The option of specifying the same airports for a return flight gives you more flexibility and security when planning your trip.

Sustainability and a clear travel conscience are becoming increasingly important for many people. Skyscanner offers flights where you can combine environmental awareness with a flight. You can prioritise and give preference to flights with low CO2 emissions on Skyscanner.

You can recognise these flights by the green frame around the corresponding offers. Skyscanner will also indicate how much less CO2 is emitted on that flight. Choosing an environmentally friendly flight can of course affect the price. Decide here according to your priorities whether you want to choose a more environmentally friendly flight or not.

Once you have all the parameters definiert that are important to you, Skyscanner will show you the offers that meet your needs. You can now choose the flight that suits you best. Skyscanner will then redirect you to an external partner site where you should review and verify your data. You then enter your payment information and complete the booking.