The Check-in in general

This airline (previously known as Air Espana) offers the possibility to check in online from 48 hours until 1 hour before departure. As a special case, flights to/from the USA are considered: there, the check-in only starts 24 hours in advance. The airline company will inform the customer to check again at the time of booking which company is actually operating the flight. If it is another company, the check-in should be done on the respective page (or at the corresponding counter or machine at the airport).

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Online check-in with Air Europa

You can choose between online check-in (apps available for the smartphone) or check-in at the counter at the airport. To check-in, the booking code or ticket number and the passenger’s last name must be entered on the page. Then click through the menu, select a seat if necessary (more about this in a moment) and confirm that you have understood and accepted the security regulations regarding hand luggage.

It is also possible to carry out the check-in procedure for other passengers, provided you have permission to do so. In any case, whether you are checking in for others or just for yourself, go to the check-in start page, click on the small box (with the text as described above) and check the box to confirm. The check-in process ends when you receive your boarding pass, no matter in which form. To be on the safe side, you should check with the airline in advance to see if mobile boarding passes can be used for the flight you have booked.

Before the 48 hours (or 24 hours) the seat can be selected for a fee of 2€. This fee is valid for flights within Spain, for flights within Europe and from/to Africa the fee is 5€ and for intercontinental flights 10€.

If a seat with more comfort is desired (at the emergency exit or XL seat), it can be booked for an extra charge, depending on the length of the route. The advance reservation is free of charge for Business Class customers as well as for frequent flyers (Gold or Platinum status).