Air Europa regulations for baggage and hand baggage

Regardless of the class, each person has a free parcel with a maximum weight of 23kg. In addition, the maximum dimensions of length+width+height = 158 cm must be observed. The dimensions of handles, outside pockets and edges should also be taken into account. If the criteria are not met, a fee for excess baggage must be expected.

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If one piece exceeds 32 kg, the contents must be divided between two pieces of luggage. Of course, extra charges will be made for this again. If you want to take a lot with you on the trip, you may be able to book additional pieces of luggage (depending on fare and flight route). The following applies to hand luggage: the dimensions may not exceed 55x35x25 cm and the maximum weight is 10 kg for Economy Class travellers; in Business Class the weight may be up to 14 kg for hand luggage. If these rules are not followed, hand baggage must be checked in for an additional charge. In addition, due to lack of space, hand baggage may have to be stowed in the cargo hold.

In addition, a handbag, laptop or tablet are allowed on board. These things must be able to be stowed under the seat in the aircraft without any problems.

If you want to travel with more luggage, you can book it for an additional charge. But only if the booked fare and the route allow it. In this case, one gets in contact through the website of Air-Eurpa or through the call centre under the number: 030 223 854 36.

Furthermore, one can find further information about luggage on the website of the airline:

1. the following members have the right to carry one more piece of luggage: Air Europa SUMA Silver, Gold and Platinum, Elite and Elite Plus from SkyTeam

– The same free baggage allowance applies to children over 2 years of age as for adults.

– For babies (between 0 and 2), only about half of the baggage allowance applies, i.e. 10 kg, which can be checked in.

– Additional baggage will only be accepted for check-in if the available space still allows it.

– Prices may be subject to tax surcharges in certain countries.

For more specific regulations, please see the airline’s website.