Eurowings – facts and figures

Eurowings is a subsidiary of the German Lufthansa and is based at Düsseldorf Airport. In 2010, Eurowings had 1,400 employees and generated a turnover of approximately 171 million euros.

In 2016, the number of passengers was 18.4 million. In total, Eurowings is flying to 210 destinations in Germany, Europe and a few other destinations around the world.

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The aircraft of Eurowings

The Eurowings fleet consists of 101 aircraft with an average age of 11.1 years. The most frequently operated aircraft type is an Airbus A330-200 with 310 seats.

Airbus is the clearly favoured type, but there are also 6 Boeing 737-800’s. This type can seat 180 passengers. Beside the painting with the colors of the Dortmunder Verein, there are also special paintings with the Europa-Park, Hertz etc.

Previously Eurowings also had the aircraft types ATR, Bae, Bombardier, Dornier, Fairchild Swearingen Metro and de Havilland.

Somewhat provocative was an advertising slogan of Eurowings, which read: „Your booking was a Ryanfall? This slogan had come about because Ryanair had to cancel many flights. Some of the customers agreed with the slogan, while others expressed their anger because they themselves were affected by delays and cancellations of Eurowings flights.

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Miles & More

Premium Miles can be earned on each flight, depending on the route, booking class and fare. To earn the points, you must provide your Miles & More number with each booking and later when checking in. Flights with reduced tickets are generally excluded from this.

The calculation formula for Premium Miles is as follows:

Premium Miles = Airfare x 4 (or x 5 for frequent flyer status.)

At Eurowings you can redeem the Premium Miles for new flights. In addition, there are status benefits depending on the type (Frequent Traveller, Senator or HON Circle). Benefits include lounge access and priority check-in.

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The emergence of Eurowings

Eurowings was founded in Dortmund in 1993 through the merger of the Nuremberg Flight Service and Industrial Flight. In the beginning the airline cooperated with KLM and Air France and operated flights to Amsterdam and Paris. In 2001 the German Lufthansa Ag held 24.9% of Eurowings. In 2004 the share was increased to 49%.

Lufthansa gained the main economic control over Eurowings one year later when it acquired another 1.001% of Eurowings. Regional flights were marketed with Lufthansa and the painting on the aircraft was the same as Lufthansa’s. This meant that the Eurowings brand disappeared from the market. Since 2011 Eurowings is 100% part of the Lufthansa Group and therefore its subsidiary.

In the course of restructuring, the size of the Eurowings fleet was reduced by half. In 2010, Bombardier aircraft types that were no longer economically viable were taken out of service. The relocation from Dortmund to Düsseldorf was also announced.

This included bringing the technical operations to Düsseldorf and closing the aircraft hangar in Nünrberg. Since the end of 2013, Eurowings has also taken over flights from Germanwings (an airline which Lufthansa has announced will cease operations).

Criticism was frequent in the media in 2016, as there had been some long delays and cancellations on Eurowings‘ long-haul flights. A total of 7% of long-haul flights were delayed.

This prompted the parent company Lufthansa to set up a task force to combat the delays. As a measure, more aircraft were used and flights were postponed or cancelled. Flights to Iran were completely cancelled.

In 2016, the cooperation with the soccer team Borussia Dortmund was renewed. This included the promotion of the team to Champions League matches.

Previously, Turkish Airlines had been too permanent for this. As an expression of the partnership, a Eurowings aircraft, an Airbus A320-200, was painted in the colours of the club. This was also intended as advertising for the airline itself.

In 2017, long-haul flights and aircraft intended for them were expanded or increased. The airline also flew to Namibia and, with the insolvency of Air Berlin, took over Caribbean flights.

One year later, further long-haul takeovers of former routes were made by Air Berlin and also Brussels Airlines. Eurwoings also took over some of Air Berlin’s aircraft. The plan to merge with Brussel Airlines was abandoned in 2019.

In addition to being a sponsor for Borussia Dortmund, Eurwoings also supports the Allianz MTV Stuttgart, a club for women’s volleyball in the first national league.