The Eurowings Online Check-in

The listed regulations apply to all Eurowings flights with the EW flight number (independent of the operating airline). There is no EW flight number? Then the rules of the respective airline on their website apply.

The check-in desk usually opens 3 hours before the flight takes off. You can check in online 72 hours to 3 hours in advance. Unfortunately the check-in the evening before is not available. For this, one goes via PC, or laptop to the website of Eurowings.

The advantage is that all passengers of a booking can check in in one go. Just type in the 6-digit booking code or the 13-digit number (in case of an electronic ticket) and your last name. A booking code is always available. Remember: a printer is required.

Is there a fee for seat reservations? Yes, with the basic fare, if the seat is not to be allocated just like that. With the SMART and BIZClass tariffs, the choice of the desired seat is free of charge.

Web Check-in possible?

There is a special search mask on the Eurowings website for this purpose, which can be found under the points listed here on the subject of check-in. You should search for „Check web and mobile check-in availability for the airport“.

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Check-in machine

Some of the larger airports offer this option (Düsseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna, London-Heathrow etc.). To do this, select a machine and follow the individual steps. The machine then prints out the boarding pass. Eurowings machines can be recognized by the 3 stripes (sky blue and two purple stripes) at the bottom.


Counter at the airport

This type is possible at all airports that Eurowings flies to. Please note: depending on the fare and passenger group, costs may be incurred. The priority check-in counter (if available) can be used if you have a Eurowings Mastercard Gold. This card must be presented.

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Mobile Check-in

No matter if Android or iOS, online check-in also works perfectly via smartphone. You need the last name and the booking code. The boarding pass is sent to the email address or via SMS or stored in the app or in the passbook/wallet (comparable to a folder only for the smartphone).