The Eurowings baggage regulations

Eurowings hand luggage may weigh up to 8 kg. The maximum dimensions are 55 x 40 x 23 cm. An additional item may not be taken into the cabin. Luggage that has to be checked in is always charged extra at the Basic Rate.

From the Smart or Standard Tariff onwards, a small piece of hand luggage may be taken into the cabin.

The additional piece may measure a maximum of 40 x 30 x 10 cm. For Best Class and Bizclass two pieces of hand luggage may be taken into the cabin. The regulations regarding weight and dimensions for each piece remain the same. Another advantage of the two higher tariffs is that there is a reserved hand luggage compartment.

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If you are travelling with the Basic Fare, you have to select the option „2 pieces of hand luggage & Priority Boarding“ when booking. The name says it all. This option is available from 6 € upwards. With the Priority Boarding, only the boarding of the plane is meant.

This means that both Priority Check-in and the use of the „fast lane“ at the security check are excluded.

Eurowings baggage for check-in has a weight limit of 23 kg. If you fly with the Basic Fare, you don’t have a free baggage allowance, but you can add 15 € to your baggage allowance if you want to take more with you. In the Bizclass both pieces of luggage may weigh up to 32 kg each. A second piece of luggage is free for the Best as well as the Bizclass.

If you want to check in another piece of luggage when travelling with the Basic or Smart tariff, you have to pay at least 75 € when booking online. No matter which of the two fares you fly with. If you want to fly with a single piece of luggage weighing up to 32 kg instead, you have to pay at least 65 € for the lowest tariff and at least 50 € for the other two tariffs when booking online.

For all Eurowings tariffs, special and sports baggage must be added for an extra charge. There are no prices on the website, so you have to contact the service directly for details. Ski baggage may be checked in depending on availability. For excess baggage there are additional costs.