The Lufthansa Online Check-in

The most practical method to quickly go through the airport process is Lufthansa Online check-in. Please note that online check-in can be carried out as early as 23 hours before departure time, saving valuable time on site. For online check-in, you first go to the Lufthansa website. Now you have to enter your first and last name for identification, as well as the booking code (e.g. ZXGCH4) or the ticket number. With a click on the confirm button you are logged in and only have to follow the given steps.

Frequent flyers

As a frequent flyer, you have additional options and can directly select the corresponding category, such as Miles & More. After selecting the appropriate category, the card number and surname must be entered. After successful login, you can select and reserve the desired seats by clicking on „Create boarding pass“.

Once all the necessary data has been filled in, you must select whether the boarding pass should be available on the smartphone („To smartphone“) or whether it should be printed out („for printing“). A good option is to use the Lufthansa app. Here you can find all important information about the booked flight in addition to the boarding pass.

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Check-in machine

The online check-in was not available or was forgotten? No problem, because you can also check in at the Lufthansa machines at the airport. There are usually several machines and thanks to their yellow colour they are easy to recognise. Right on the start screen the three possibilities for identification are indicated. The check-in at the vending machines requires an electronic ticket. Furthermore, check-in with pets is not possible here at the moment. In addition, one can already enter all the necessary information about the luggage via the Lufthansa vending machines, so that the waiting time at the check-in can be significantly reduced.

As Lufhansa is legally obliged to record the passport data of its customers for flights to the USA, Canada, India, Korea, Japan, China and Mexico, these data can already be entered at the check-in machines. This saves time at the departure gate.

  • Check-in is carried out with the Miles & More card, customer or credit card. Newer machines have an RFID reader. With these machines, it is sufficient to hold the Miles & More card, credit card or Mastercard with PayPass function at the corresponding RFID reader to start the check-in process. If only the credit card is present, it is inserted into the machine as usual.
  • For check-in, the machine-readable passport is placed on the scanner of the check-in machine. Then the booking code, flight number or destination of the flight must be entered.
  • The screen is touched and then the last name and the booking code of the flight are entered on the touch screen. The booking code is specified in the booking confirmation, your Online Passenger Receipt or in your own Lufhansa profile.
  • Even if the check-in has already been completed, you still have the possibility to make changes at the check-in machines. A possible change would be e.g. the choice of seat. For this purpose the boarding pass or the barcode on the smartphone is placed downwards on the scanner of the machine.
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Other check-in options

Automatic check-in

With automatic check-in you will automatically receive your boarding pass to your email address or via SMS 23 hours before departure. As a frequent flyer (Miles & More), you can click on „automatic check-in“ in your own profile. This button can be deactivated if desired.

Check-in the evening before

The evening before check-in is possible on all Lufthansa flights, as well as at its regional partners and at almost all airports. It is particularly suitable for families with children or if there is a lot of luggage. You can either go to the Lufthansa counter with all your luggage for direct check-in or use one of the Lufthansa vending machines. The seat is selected and finally you take your boarding card with you, which you bring to the departure gate the next day. However, here too, the rule applies a maximum of 23 hours before departure.

For Economy passengers, please note that you can usually only check in at the vending machines, online or mobile and do not have the option to check in directly at the counter. For travel groups, only the travel group leader can check-in the evening before. For this purpose he/she needs the necessary documents of all travellers. For small groups or couples, it is sufficient for one person to come to the previous evening’s check-in and carry it out for all.

Check-in in Berlin Tegel

The check-in and thus the baggage check-in at Berlin-Tegel Airport have moved to the central area of Terminal B to the counters B24 – B31.

This is where you will find the counters from now on:

⦁ the priority check-in area for First Class travellers, HON Circle Members, Senators and Star Gold cardholders

⦁ the Business Class counters (B24 and B25)

⦁ the Lufthansa check-in machines

⦁ the Lufthansa baggage machines

The benefits of this change are faster access to Lufthansa lounges, shops and catering. Furthermore, the gates A1 to A5 are in the immediate vicinity.