The Lufthansa baggage regulations

The regulations for luggage carried on Lufthansa flights vary depending on the class of travel booked. When booking an Economy Classic flight, hand luggage may weigh up to 8 kg and regular luggage up to 23 kg.

The maximum baggage dimensions are 55 x 40 x 23 cm or X + Y + Z = 158 cm width. Please note that exceeding the specifications in terms of weight or size will result in additional costs. The costs for additional luggage start at about 40€ with Lufthansa and vary depending on the fare booked and the respective route. In addition, Lufthansa offers the possibility to use its own free baggage calculator.

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In principle, the higher the tariff, the more free baggage allowance. When booking and also when checking in, you should therefore pay close attention to the regulations.

If you are already expecting excess baggage, you should contact the Lufthansa service hotline and inform the airline about the additional cargo space required. Remember to have your Lufthansa service code or booking code ready.

The musical instrument in hand luggage

Special regulations apply to the carrying of musical instruments. If you want to take your instrument into the cabin as hand luggage, you can only do so if the maximum weight is 8 kg and the dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 23cm are not exceeded. Unfortunately, the instrument replaces the hand luggage and therefore may not be taken along as an additional piece of luggage, although in exceptional cases the weight may slightly exceed the specifications.

The prerequisite for this is, however, that the instrument fits into the hand luggage compartment. For larger and heavier musical instruments an additional piece of luggage must be booked.

The dimensions 155cm x 42cm x 25cm apply if the instrument is standing in the cabin, or 110cm x 42cm x 50cm if it is lying on the seat. In both cases the weight limit is 75 kg. There is of course the option to check in the instrument as luggage.


Sports baggage may also be taken along. As there is only limited space for this type of luggage, it is recommended to reserve as early as possible. The Lufthansa Service Center is the ideal place to make reservations. In general, it should be noted that side pockets, handles and grips must also be taken into account when taking measurements.